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Rock River Internet has recently installed an new email scanning feature which filters all email looking for spam-like content.

This new feature works by scanning each email message for keywords and phrases that indicate that it may or may not be spam. Each keyword found contributes to a score, and when any email message reaches a specific threshold, is marked as spam.

If you do not wish to have your email scanned for spam or virus, you must request as such by contacting the technical support staff at 815-968-3888 or emailing

This software marks email as spam in two ways. First, the software places a X header into the email message. Afterwards Spamassasin marks the message with the additional subject line of "***SPAM***". A filter can be set up for Microsoft Outlook Express by following these simple steps:

1. Create a new folder named "SPAM"; by right-clicking on "Inbox"; and selecting "New Folder...";, once you select "New Folder..."; type in the name for the folder: "SPAM", then click "OK"


2. Next, open the Message Rules screen

3. Now you can set up the message rule. Start by putting checkmarks in the boxes indicated to the right


4. Next, click on the "contains specific words" link, which is highlighted to the right.

5. In the window that pops up, type the spam subject line you wish to filter for, "***SPAM***", then click the "Add" button. After you click "Add", click "OK"

6. Next, click the "specified" link in "Move it to the specified folder".

7. In the window that pops up, select the SPAM folder we created in Step #1, then click "OK"

8. Next, type in a name for the Rule under "Name of the Rule", such as "Spam-Assassin Filter". Click "OK" after typing in a name for the filter.

9. Now click "OK" again to close the Message Rules window. Once you have clicked OK, any email which contains the search string "***SPAM***" in the subject will be moved to the SPAM folder, and you may delete the email as you choose.

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